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criminal law 

Elegant Abstract Background
Licensed in State and Federal Courts

specializing in...  

- white collar criminal charges
- rico; racketeering specialist
- drug forfitures
- felony gun & drug charges 
- all misdemeanor & felony state court matters 
- any and all federal criminal charges
Former Prosecutor & attorney general
Black Background

Wondering what type of attorney you should hire to represent you in your criminal case? A former prosecutor has many advantages against their competitors.

When choosing a legal representative for your criminal charges, you may be wondering what credentials you should be looking for. Obviously, you should obtain counsel from an attorney who has a track record in defending criminal cases, yet consider the benefits of also having an attorney with prosecution experience. 

A prosecutor is an attorney that decides what charges to file against an individual accused of a crime and then proceeds to try the case in front of a judge or grand jury. The District Attorney, who is elected by the residents of his or her respective district, is in charge of overseeing all the lawyers that prosecute criminal cases.

Working to Your Advantage

A former prosecutor will have tried cases on both sides of the courtroom, giving the lawyer further understanding of the trial process. He or she will be familiar with how the prosecution gathers related evidence, decides the charges to file, and builds their case to go trial. This allows the attorney to know where the prosecution may be weak, which will, in turn, strengthen your case. 

A criminal defense lawyer that has worked with the prosecution may also negotiate better plea bargains, as he or she knows just how far the D.A. may be pushed. Usually, the first plea bargain should not be accepted because better terms can be agreed upon. A former prosecutor can use their knowledge of the other side to more efficiently and successfully negotiate on your behalf.

An experienced prosecutor spends much of his or her career litigating cases in court. Many attorneys practice law without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. Even for lawyers primarily involved in litigation, most cases that are filed are never contested within a courtroom and are settled without a trial. An attorney who has the opportunity to work in the courtroom, such as former prosecutors, will be better equipped to defend you should your case reach trial.

A Former Prosecutor Understands the Unique Processes of a Criminal Trial

Defending someone accused of a crime at a jury trial is a very complicated matter. A jury trial consists of:

  • Pretrial motions

  • Jury selection

  • Cross-examination of prosecution witnesses

  • Deciding what witnesses to call in your client’s defense

  • Deciding whether your client should testify at his trial and if so, preparing him to testify

  • Preparing and arguing the case to the jury

  • Deciding what jury instructions should be given to the jury

When you select a criminal defense law firm to represent you, a key factor to consider is how much experience the law firm has in conducting jury trials. Having an experienced former prosecutor representing you will almost guarantee that your lawyer will have the prior jury trial experience necessary to provide you with the best defense possible.

A Former Prosecutor Has Extensive Courtroom Litigation Experience

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